H Beam Gantry Welding Machine

H Beam Gantry Welding Machine is developed by our company based on the particularity of H-shaped steel boat welding and combined with years of technical experience in the development of I-beam welding equipment. 

It is mainly composed of gantry, sliding plate mechanism, welding torch mechanical tracking device, welding machine recovery processing system, and pneumatic System, electrical control system and submerged arc welding machine.

Features of machine:

  1. 1. LH series H Beam Gantry Welding Machine is equipped with a pair of H-shaped steel arc guide frame and a pair of box-shaped beam guide arc frame. 

By replacing the arc guide frame, both H-shaped steel work-pieces (cross columns) and box beam work-pieces can be welded without removing the work-piece support.

2.Columns and platforms are made of national standard profiles to avoid stress and deformation caused by excessive plate splicing and welding, and to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment and long service life.

3.Weld tracking adopts mechanical three-axis tracking;

The arc guide frame 360-degree rotation and floating movement can effectively track the welding seam in real time and reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

The H-shaped steel arc guide mechanism can be welded back and forth, saving return time.



LH Series

Track length

18000mm, valid welding trip 15000mm (24kg rail, plate and corresponding accessories provided by the customer)

H steel flange width

 150 — 800mm.

H steel web height

 160 — 2500mm.

Suitable piece length

 4000 — 15000mm.

H-type steel welding position

Ship shape welding (welding back and forth)

Size of cross work-piece applicable

Minimum opening: 150mm, depth of 500mm

Apply to the section size of the box-type girder work-piece

1500 mm(300 ~)

Suitable piece length

 4000 — 15000mm.

Welding position of the box-type beam

Flat V-type groove welding

Air source pressure

0.4-0.6Mpa (User using welded box beam equipment)

Rack movement speed

 240-2400mm/min(Select the welding wire diameter, select 5 suitable welding process to determine the welding speed)

Return trip speed


Wwire size


Bearing weight of the wire plate support


Welder agent recovery machine

 50kg × 2.

Total installed capacity

Host power: 9.7kW

Power supply

Rated capacity of the welder: approximately 100 kVA × 2

Working environment

 3-Phase AC 380V 50Hz

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