H beam Flange Straightening Machine
Brand: Lemar
Function: H beam Flange straightening
Straight mode: Hydraulic
Flange width: 200-1000 mm
Flange thickness: 8-60 mm
Work-piece material: Q235/345
Hydraulic station: 1 SET
Min web height: 200 mm

In the welding process of H-beam, the flange plate will inevitably produce bending deformation due to the concentrated heat input at the weld. 

The H-beam steel flange straightening machine is a special equipment for straightening welded H-shaped steel flange plates. 

This H beam Flange Straightening Machine is easy to operate, fast in straightening speed and excellent in straightening quality. It can be widely used in metallurgical construction, metal structure, hydraulic machinery, industrial installation and other industries.

Technology parameter:


Technical parameters 


Minimum web height


Min web height: 380mm (corrective secondary roller when web height of 200-380mm, plate thickness is less than 16mm). The ash clearance port is set under the main machine. Convenient to clean up the oxide skin falling during the straightening process

Web thickness


Flange width


Flange thickness


Work-piece material


Correct the wheel line speed


Input / output roll length


3m for each set

Roller roller material


Made of forging pressure and quality treatment with long service life

Roller roller hardness


Speed Reducer


Drive the electric motor


Oil pump drive motor


Oil pump displacement


Total installed power


Maximum system pressure

20 Mpa

Normal operating pressure

18-20 Mpa

Hydraulic station


Electric control system


Details of machine:

1.The machine base is composed of a base and an upper base. Both the base and the upper base are welded by steel plates, and the two parts are connected by bolts to facilitate processing, installation and maintenance.

All the correcting rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel, and through advanced heat treatment technology, to avoid the defects of the parts that are prone to cracks. In order to ensure the stability of its correction and long service life, all its parts are strengthened.

The web clamping is driven by two hydraulic cylinders, and the operation is simple.

  1. 2.Two hydraulic cylinders are installed on the top of the frame, and the cylinders are pressed down during correction, which can meet the requirements of flange plate correction and straightening of ≤60 mm.

The verticality of the H-shaped steel flange plate and the web can be straightened, and the two cylinders can be pressed down individually and at the same time.

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