H beam Hydraulic straightening machine for Bridge

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Lemar publish:2020-04-11 08:39:16  

The H-beam steel structure straightening machine mainly corrects the welding deformation of the flange plate.

This machine is hydraulic straightening. During the correction, the two sets of hydraulic correction rollers can be pressed down at the same time or separately, which is convenient for operation.




Input power

AC 380 V 50 Hz 3 phase

Flange thickness

≤40 mm

 Q 345

Flange width

150-800 mm


Min height of web of big roller

≧350 mm

Working size of the large pressing roller (when the height of the web is between 180-350 mm and the thickness of the flange plate is ≤12 mm, use a small correction roller)

Min height of small roller web

≧180 mm

In order to enable the equipment to be used in a wider range and to meet the needs of users for the correction of large and small steels, a set of small pressure rollers are specially equipped

Roll material

35 CrMo

Forging quenching and tempering treatment

Correction speed

7.8 m/min 


Motor reducer

1 set

Motor Power

11 KW

Large motor power, high transmission efficiency, large torque


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