Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting mode: Plasma
Plasma: Hypertherm/Chinese
Software: Starfire
Voltage: 380V 50/60Hz
Cutting size: 1500*3000mm
Weight: 1500kgs
Packing size: 3.96*2.26*1.81m
Origin: Jiangsu,China

Product Description:

LMT series cutting machine include CNC system, drive system, control system, mechanical system and air system. The machine is mainly used in metal sheet plane of various shapes of plasma cutting, full-featured, high degree of automation, configuration advanced, high cutting accuracy, good quality, dynamic stability.

CNC System, servo system using well-known brands at home and abroad, excellent performance products, user-friendly Man-machine interface, friendly operation, rich software and high-quality hardware configuration, a full range of protection measures to provide users with a high-quality products. 

Product Features:

  1. Double motor and driver for Y axis, to insure stable processing, and keep machine working with fast speed
  2. Starfire control system+THC

Control system Brand: Original Starfire

Language: English

THC model: SF-HC25K

Automatically adjust the height of the torch according to the material fluctuation, realize the climbing and cutting, and apply to various uneven materials.

  1. StarCAM software

Software : original StarCAM with dongle

FastCAM for optional

Language: English

  1. 20mm linear guide rail

Type: Linear square guide rail

Brand: HIWIN

Original: China Taiwan

Size: diameter 20mm

  1. China LGK Plasma source

Brand: LGK

Original: CHINA
Power: 40A/63A/100A/120A/160A/200A

  1. Anti collision system

plasma cutting machine with anti collision function, machine will stop move once plasma gun touch any metal, Avoid damage to the torch due to operational errors.

Quick Details:





Working area




Power source

China LGK or USA Hypertherm

LGK Plasma power

63A/100A/120A/160A/200A for optional

Hypertherm power

45A/65A/85A/105A/125A/200A for optional

Control system

STARFIRE control system


Original StarCAM Software


Offline DSP handle for optional

Drive system

stepper motor and Leadshine driver

Transmission system

Helical gear rack and linear guide rail


Laser positioning dot for optional


Auto THC function

Protect for gun

Anti collision system for gantry type for optional

Working table

Laser cutting serrated table

Smoke treatment method

water tank or fans for optional

Working voltage

AC380V, 3Phase, 50/60Hz

Total weight




How to choose a suitable plasma power supply, now take carbon steel plate as an example: 

63A plasma suitable for thickness 0.3-8mm 

100A plasma suitable for thickness 0.3-14mm 

120A plasma suitable for thickness 0.3-16mm 

160A plasma with water tank suitable for thickness 0.3-22mm 

200A plasma with water tank, suitable for thickness 0.3-28mm Remarks: The above thickness is based on the criterion of achieving the best cutting quality. Each model can cut thicker plates, but the effect is not as good as this range. 

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