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Lemar Machinery publish:2018-02-21 16:17:21  

Our company mainly produces instruments and meters. There are 8 welds for flowmeter welding, which need to be welded by TIG welding. Workers need to fill the wire while controlling the argon arc welding gun, and they need to maintain a posture for a long time to complete a weld. The workers are special hard.

After we contacted Lemar, Lemar provided us with a welding solution suitable for us-welding positioner + welding chuck + welding torch + TIGwelding automatic wire feeder, which completely liberated the manual work, only need to step on the foot Switch, the welding is over, people only need to look at the work-piece, which is very labor-saving! And the weld seamby this set(welding turntable+welding chuck+TIG welder)is very beautiful, Lemar machinery is worth buying!

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